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17 Irish Songs and Tunes for St Patrick's Day 2005

St Patrick's Day is over, but the music, ah the music, is just beginning. I'm running a wee bit late this week, because I've spent a lot of time gaining permission for a bunch of exclusive MP3s. That's right, half the music you will download today is unavailable ANYWHERE else!

Let me tell you, it was no easy task. I picked a bunch of amazing MP3s from some of my favorite Celtic bands. If you're a regular subscriber, some will be familiar like Ed Miller, Paisley Close, Emerald Rose, and of course, the Brobdingnagian Bards. But you won't find music from Cluan, 3 Pints Gone, The McCabes, and Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer many anywhere online. And boy are you missing out!

Don't worry. You can download the music for the next month only. If you wait too long, you'll only be able to sample the music on their websites.

That said, I hope you enjoy all this great music and had a Happy St Patrick's Day.

Brobdingnagian Bards1. "Finnegan's Wake" by Brobdingnagian Bards
The Brobdingnagian Bards are the number one Celtic music group online offering free Celtic music downloads. You can download an album of Celtic MP3s and then scan a list of ten albums to choose from featuring The Bards music. Also, download "Whiskey in the Jar" and "Danny Boy".

Buy CD "Songs of Ireland (St Patrick's Day music)"


2. "Paddy's Day" by The McCabes
The McCabes take their name from singer songwriter, Sean McCabe. His laid back singing style is energized by the frenetic fiddle of Mazz Swift. Paddy's Day takes a fast paced, but ironic, look at March 17 - when the crowd is "Celebrating they don't know what."Not only are there new quirky lyrics and fun, laid-back music; but also the rhythm section of Daniel Paccione, electric bass and Steve Holloway, drums, provide a driving force that propels the band. A great fun album with thought provoking lyrics.

Buy CD "Dark Before the Dawn"


Emerald Rose3. "Castle of Arianrhod" by Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose is a high energy Celtic folk rock band that blends harmony vocals, pennywhistle, world percussion and driving guitars and bass. Their music ranges from traditional jigs and reels to original folk rock and pop songs. Emerald Rose successfully draws from Celtic myth and legend to create a unique and accessible sound.

Buy CD "Bending Tradition"


4. "Staten Island & Cooley's Reel" by Heidi, Stef, & Bow Triplets Here's very Celtic music played by a dedicated Band. Traditional songs and tunes plus original compositions combining their own multinational backgrounds whith the Celtic styles to which this band is deeply comitted. They can be heard live in various countries in Europe.

Buy CD "Never Too Early"


Brendan O'Loughlin7."La Ta Tee Da" by Brendan O'Loughlin
Brendan O'Loughlin's music plays part Country, Rock, Irish, Folk, Pop, and he does it so well, he satisfies the mood of his every audience. Originally from Limerick in Ireland, Brendan moved to America in 1986 to expand his career as an Irish entertainer. Performing not only Irish, but popular, rock n' roll, country and folk music in restaurants and clubs throughout the U.S. and Canada. His musical style is new, his musical experience is not. He reached his teenage years during the high point of the Irish showband era. He joined the showband circuit and played with a string of popular Irish showbands and excelled on vocals, bass and rhythm guitars. Brendan came into his own right as a songwriter in August 1993 and has been writing about his experiences ever since.

Buy CD "Between Two Shores"


6. "Banish Misfortune & The Cliffs Of Moher" by Dempsey's Lot
Dempsey's Lot is a traditional irish music band for irish nights, ceilidhs, folk clubs and weddings. Based in the UK Midlands we travel throughout the UK and overseas. Their repertoire mainly comprises well-known Irish folk songs to get the audience singing and lively jigs and reels to set the toes tapping.

no CD currently available


7. "The Rocky Road to Cashel" by Shantalla
Based in Belgium and signed to the Belgian label Wild Boar Music, four members of Shantalla are Irish, while singer Helen Flaherty is Scottish. The band's debut CD, 'Shantalla', was released in Europe in late 1998. Shantalla has performed regularly around Europe and the band has shared stages in double bills and festivals with the likes of Altan, Dervish, Lunasa, Liam O'Flynn, Sharon Shannon, Niamh Parsons, Sean Keane, Dave Munnelly, Jim McCann and many more.

Buy CD "Shantalla"


Cantiga8. "Irish Reels" by Cantiga
North America's quintessential Renaissance Festival Band. Childlike and haunting, these ancient Celtic and Medieval tunes weave a spell both soulful and ethereal. Cantiga's 1995 album "Once Upon a Time..." is loved by thousands for its childlike simplicity and the haunting blend of Celtic and Medieval melodies which truly evoke a magical realm. Cantiga's music should strike a familiar chord with anyone who loves Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings".

Buy Cantiga Music


9. "The Leprechaun" by Marc Gunn
Marc Gunn performs Celtic songs and offers folk music downloads from a wide array of Irish, Scottish, and old-time American folk music styles, in addition to his original music. He performs a capella and on America's folk instrument, the autoharp. He won the award for Best Cover Art in the 2004 Austin Music Awards.

Buy CD "Soul of a Harper"


Paisley Close10. "Sovay" by Paisley Close
Paisley Close takes an energetic Celtic Pop feel and soars with it to fresh, lyrical heights. Their material covers a broad spectrum, including traditional and modern songs arranged in the group's unique idiom; timeless poetry set to original music; and new compositions written by the band. Uncommon musicianship and storytelling are the common threads that run through the music of Paisley Close.

Buy CD "All On A Day"


11. "Where Are You Tonight I Wonder" by Queen's Gambit
Queen's Gambit is an Oklahoma-based Celtic band specializing in Irish and Scottish traditional music, with a side order of English Folk, dance, and Renaissance music for entertainment at any function. You can find them performing at Renaissance Faires, Irish/Scottish Pubs, Educational Assemblies, Historical Re-enactments, Scottish Games, Weddings, and even Corporate Christmas Parties.

Buy CD "Pawn to King Four"


Cluan12. "The Blacksmith" by Cluan
CLUAN is five Austin-based traditional musicians promoting and supporting the Celtic heritage and community in Central Texas through traditional dance music and song. They received rave reviews for their latest studio release "The High Road" and played the 2004 Austin Music Awards after being recognized in the Best New Album and Best World Band categories in 2003 & 2004

Buy CD "High Road"


13. "Geordie Lad" by Vicki Swan & JonnyDyer
Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer have been carving out a reputation for delivering innovative new slants on traditional tunes and fascinating originals in festivals and folk clubs around the country over the last seven years. Vicki's unique style of playing the Scottish Smallpipes; that is at once spell-bindingly beautiful and haunting is perfectly complimented by Jonny's driving guitar playing. On stage the two create a performance that is skilled, funny and never dull! Vicki and Jonny's strong educational background makes their workshops as powerful for a festival event as their performances.

Buy CD "Thumb Twiddling"


3 Pints Gone14. "Follow Me Up to Carlow" by 3 Pints Gone
One more round. 3 Pints Goneplays Celtic traditional-style folk songs at bars, Celtic fairs and events around the United States. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. They entertain by telling stories through the songs, that leave the audience feeling like old friends.

Buy CD "Health to the Company"


15. "The Gypsy Rover" by Keltic Kaleidoscope
Keltic Kaleidoscope began performing in 1995 and has since grown to four members, Mary Behan Miller (keyboard, guitar and bodhrán), Matt Cassidy (banjo, guitar, and electric bass), Dave Lymanstall (Fiddle and bodhrán), and Sally Hayes Makulinski (keyboard, flute and tin whistle). A fifth musician, Tim Galvin, sometimes plays with the group and is on a number of the tracks available here. The band performs a variety of Celtic and American folk songs using two- and three-part harmonies along with some songs from the sixties.

Buy CD "Keltic Beginnings"


16. "Ferry Me Over" by Ed Miller
Ed, a native of Edinburgh, Scotland, now living in Austin, Texas, is a product of the 1960s folk revival in Scotland. He moved to the United States in 1968 to complete his graduate work in Geography, and later Folklore, at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition to his singing career, Ed is the host of a folk music program on Austin's NPR station, KUT-FM.

Buy CD "Generations of Change"


Rise Music17. "Both Sides of the Tweed" by Rise
Rise has swept the independent Celtic music world with a tasteful blend of traditional and original songs with an airy scent of haunting effervencese. Enchanting and personable band that you can expect to hear a lot more of in the future.

Buy CD "Posing As Human"

--posted by Marc Gunn, Friday, March 18, 2005
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